Former Austrian Conferences on Development

The Austrian Development Conferences see themselves as a place of thinking and reflecting as well as of scientific stimuli. They are a place of encounter for people from different terrains of development policy making and for persons engaged and interested in global policy making. The conferences are a permanent process and focus on dialogue and a common process of reflection to develop the respective conference topic, to network, and to create a public space for development policy and humanitarian topics. The below listed conferences continued the development conferences in the 1990s:

2001 – Salzburg: The future of civil society; 2003 – Graz: Globalization is not a destiny, globalization is created; 2005 – Linz: Thinking ownership differently – Economy of Solidarity; 2008 – Innsbruck: Growth – Environment – Development; 2011 – Krems: Developing the common good. The state between community and global society                                                                             2014 – Salzburg: change departure. At you can find the respective documentations of the above mentioned Austrian Conferences on Development.




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